The Disgusting Food Museum Nantes exhibit is now closed. Thanks for coming to visit us!

Food is so much more than sustenance. Curious foods from exotic cultures have always fascinated us. Unfamiliar foods can be delicious, or they can be more of an acquired taste. While cultural differences often separate us and create boundaries, food can also connect us. Sharing a meal is the best way to turn strangers into friends.

The evolutionary function of disgust is to help us avoid disease and unsafe food. Disgust is one of the six fundamental human emotions. While the emotion is universal, the foods that we find disgusting are not. What is delicious to one person can be revolting to another. Disgusting Food Museum invites visitors to explore the world of food and challenge their notions of what is and what isn’t edible. Could changing our ideas of disgust help us embrace the environmentally sustainable foods of the future?

The exhibit has 80 of the world’s most disgusting foods. Adventurous visitors will appreciate the opportunity to smell and taste some of these notorious foods. Do you dare smell the world’s stinkiest cheese? Or taste sweets made with metal cleansing chemicals?

The French city of Nantes has long been closely associated with food. Its historic port, famous LU biscuit factory, and market gardening industry have made it one of the key French and European centres for food, where numerous innovations have seen the light of day.

It is this that inspired Le Voyage à Nantes to create Les Tables de Nantes – the Event. This festival focuses on the topic of food and creativity will take place throughout the city’s cultural venues which artists have been invited to decorate for the occasion. From 25 to 29 September 2019, Les Tables de Nantes – the Event will be taking over the city, bringing together food industry professionals and the general public to explore the issue of dietary transition. As well as debates, the program includes festive dinners, food markets, and culinary demonstrations, as well as the Disgusting Food Museum exhibition – a central feature of this event – on show at the HAB Galerie.

This will be an exclusive opportunity to see the Disgusting Food Museum for the first time in France, which, of course, makes Nantes incredibly proud.

  • Surströmming – fermented herring from Sweden.
  • Cuy – roasted guinea pigs from Peru.
  • Casu marzu – maggot-infested cheese from Sardinia
  • Stinky tofu – pungent bean curd from China.
  • Hákarl – well-aged shark from Iceland.
  • Durian – infamously stinky fruit from Thailand.

Nantes, France

HAB Galerie (Hangar à Bananes)
21 Quai des Antilles
44200 Nantes
Quartier : Île de Nantes


Exhibit from September 25 to November 3 2019:
Wednesday to Sunday 13:30 to 19:00

Wednesday to Friday 17:30
Saturday and Sunday 15:30, 16:30 and 17:30


Entrance to the exhibition is free.

Tastings (duration 30 minutes): €3 / Booking online or on site (limited spots available)

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