Open a Disgusting Food Museum

The main museum is located in Malmö, Sweden, but we would like to let as many as possible experience the exhibit. We welcome local promoters to set up a Disgusting Food Museum show, either as a temporary exhibition or a permanent museum, as a licensed exhibit.

The Disgusting Food Museum lets visitors experience the food from different cultures first hand. They can see the foods, smell some of them and even taste a selection at the tasting bar. The museum breaks down barriers between cultures by showing that we all eat food that might appear disgusting to people from other cultures. The exhibit gently nudges visitors into thinking about their diet and protein intake, by presenting facts rather than forcing a view upon them. Both the exponata and the tasting bar includes insects, as one of the more promising protein sources of the future.

The Malmö exhibit currently has a Net Promoter Score of 63 according to an independent survey of 500 visitors done by Malmö Town. The reviews on FacebookTripAdvisor, and Google are all over 4.5.

How does Disgusting Food Museum work?

Disgusting Food Museum has two main parts: the exhibit and the tasting area. Both are needed for the optimal experience. The visitors start by going through the exhibit to learn about food from around the world and then get a chance to try a selection of the foods at the tasting bar. No staff interaction is normally needed during the exhibit visit. At the tasting bar 1-3 staff, depending on visitor intensity, are needed.

The recommended venue size (around 700sqm) can host around 200 visitors at a time, with an average visit time of 1-1.5 hours. A 6-month exhibit can welcome up to 170 000 visitors if open 6 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Space Requirements

  • Recommended total space: Between 400-1500 square meters.
  • Entrance: Cashier/ticket sales, introduction signs, coat hangers. Minimum size 25 square meters.
  • Exhibition: All exhibit items, with ample space for visitors. Minimum size 250 square meters. Recommended size 350-1000 square meters.
  • Tasting bar: Bar counter, straight or L shaped. Combined counter length of 4-8 meters.
  • Merchandise shop: T-shirts, aprons, food for sale. Minimum size 25 square meters.
  • Storage: Contains extra food, cooking utensils, containers for exhibit items, etc. Can be omitted if the tasting bar is large enough and non-essential supplies are stored off-site. Minimum size 8 square meters.

The exhibit can be adapted to different size venues. For very large venues, we have the option to ‘supersize’ some of the exponata, adding ‘subexhibitions’ such as Dangerous foods and Disgusting alcohols and adding more tasting areas, filling out the space and increasing the throughput of visitors. Smaller venues might necessitate the removal of some exhibit items. 

How do I start a DFM?

We are open to multiple types of partners. Science centers, food festivals, cities, museums, entrepreneurs, promoters or universities. The partnership depends on the size of the exhibit and the ticket price you charge. Get in touch to learn more.

What do we offer?

  • A modular exhibition
  • Two subexhibtions, Dangerous foods and Disgusting alcohols
  • All exhibit items
  • Technical plans and documentation for the local exhibit productions
  • Consultation during the whole exhibit period
  • Training of your staff
  • Print and video files
  • All tasting bar foods
  • Physical tickets/vomit bags
  • Location scout and planning for the exhibit
  • Setup of all exhibit items
  • Marketing resources
  • One of the founders attend the opening ceremony and press coverage

What is expected of you?

  • Finding a venue with all the requirements needed to run the exhibit
  • Secure the funding
  • Recruit the team needed to run the show
  • Visit Disgusting Food Museum Malmö to understand the exhibit
  • Follow and manage the production of the exhibition according to the documentation
  • Do local marketing and communication
  • Operate the exhibition
  • Supply some components locally:
    • Tables/display cases with lights
    • House lights
    • Merchandise shop
    • Ticket booth with a payment solution
    • Benches or tables as needed

    Open your own exhibit:
    Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.
    Phone: +46 (0)40 10 17 71