Andreas Ahrens in the Disgusting Food Museum

Andreas Ahrens has a long history as an entrepreneur, he started his first IT company in 1999, a web hosting company called Cencur. During the early 2000s, Andreas started working on conversion optimization and eCommerce. After living in the Philippines from 2005 to 2008, he moved back to Sweden and started working at the insurance company Solid with system maintenance and security. Andreas Ahrens left Solid in 2011 to start a social media management company call Prosocyal with his friend Dimitrij Aleshkov, receiving an investment of about 3 MSEK.

After Prosocyal, Andreas worked for his father, Thomas Ahrens, at Ahrens University, a rapid growth training program for fast-growing companies. He learned a lot about how to grow companies fast and handle the problems presented by fast growth.

Then the next startup commenced,, later renamed Andreas was the co-founder and CEO for most of his tenure there, quitting in 2017. He then took a brief pause to focus on family and then co-founded Disgusting Food Museum in April of 2018 where he still resides as the owner, CEO and museum director.

Andreas Ahrens has always had an interest in food and travelled the world from a very young age, often going abroad 4-5 times per year with his parents. His very first job, during a gap year in high school, was in fact in a restaurant, Löddeköpinge Gästgivaregård.

Andreas is a huge nerd that has fully automated the home he shares with his wife Judith and children Amanda and Linnea.